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Tel.: +506 2253 4130
San José, Costa Rica


Preguntas Frecuentes

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Preguntas Frecuentes

1. Do you have a safe?

In case you wish to be extra safe with your passport or similar, YES, we do have a safe deposit box you can use (for small items), and it is also free-of-charge.

2. Are credit cards accepted?

Not at the moment but we are working on it :)

3. Can I pay the hostel using Traveler's Checks?

We don’t accept Traveler's checks. However, the Nacional Bank is just crousing the street from the hostel, so you can change them there.

4. Do you provide the service for renting a car or booking a tour?

We definitely do,  you can book a tour or rent a car, or even ask us to help you book another night in another hostel around Costa Rica.  Just let one of our staff members know and we will help you with any of these matters, no problem at all!! 

5. What's the legal drinking age in Costa Rica?

You must be 18 years old in order to drink/ buy cigarettes in Costa Rica.  All bars will ask for an ID before letting you in so in case you want to go out carry a copy of your passport, or your drivers license, any ID that says your age and has a photo works really.

6. Is there a departure tax in Costa Rica? How much?

When exiting the country through an international airport, YES, there is a US$29 departure tax. It is always better to pay it cash, but there is also an ATM there, or you can use a debit/ credit card at the counter (either one will charge a small commission). When exiting the country through land transportation (to Panama or Nicaragua), NO departure tax is charged.

7. Can I leave some belongings at the hostelwhile I visit the rest of the country?

Yes, we offer free-of-charge luggage storage for one week to all of our guests.

8. Is the hostel located in a safe area?

We are located in Los Yoses quiet a nice neiboorhood, with many restaurants and bars and supermarkets, so the streets are pretty crowded, which means it’s safe to walk and wander around the neighborhood. Also the police station is right around the corner, it is pretty safe honestly, specially since everything is tops 4 blocks away!!

However, it is always smart to be cautious and follow you instinct,specially if it’s by night and you are walking alone. But it’s all about following the safety rules: always have a copy of your passport, leave your passport at the hostel (we have a safe for this, as well as your incorporated lockers in our bunk beds) take the amount of money you will use (don’t carry your credit cards or a big amount of money, just take as much as you think you will need) and off course, walk in illuminated streets (Try to avoid walking in small, lonely, dark streets) This rules apply everywhere in the world, it’s good to be cautious. 

9. Do you have any lockers?

Yes, we made our bunk beds with incorporated lockers for you to store your belongings.  (They are big so you can even put your whole backpack) They are free of charge - you can use your own padlock,but in case you don’t have one we can give you one at the front desk ($2 deposit) if you want to buy it, no problem just let us know and it’s the same price as the deposit : $2