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Tel.: +506 2281 0707
San José, Costa Rica


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•      Directions to the Hostel:

We are located in San Pedro, San Jose. From Juan Santamaria Airport we are about 30 minutes by taxi. When you exit the airport you will hear a lot of people yelling, 'Taxi! Taxi!', don't worry, just grab the orange taxis lined up in front of the airport, they run by the meter, and since they are the official taxis, you wont get ripped-off, it should cost around $26-$30 or 13-15 thousand colones.

There is another way, a cheaper way, is you have the time and are adventurous, you can grad the San Jose bus (you can grab it once you go outside the airport) the cost is less than one dollar, and you would have to ride it until the last stop, from there you can grab a taxi, which should be about $6-$7, depending on the traffic, so between 3.000-3.500 colones.

The address you should give the taxis is:

San Pedro, Montes de Oca, frente al Parque (Kennedy), contiguo a la Municipalidad, casa blanca, portones grises, con un rotulo que dice: Hostel Urbano, which in English translation is: San Pedro, Montes de Oca, in front of the San Pedro Park (it used to be called Parque Kennedy), next to the Municipality, white house, gray gates, with a sign that says, Hostel Urbano.

You can check our Google map in our web site, just in case, but it is really easy, the thing is in Costa Rica, we don't use addresses as everyone else does in the world, or almost everyone, we barely use names of streets and avenues, and some how it works pretty good for us, and although it sounds difficult, don't worry if you need any help ask anyone, we are used to it, since we also ask directions quite a lot!!! so it’s a bit of an adventure, hope you enjoy!!!